For ITP the QUALITY is the first roule for the satisfaction of the Customer


ITP can supply all turbocharger that the Customer need...we use to keep on stock only the common turbo....


More than 800 different items of core assembly are ready on stock...

VNT Nozzle

Most of VNT turbocharger are available on stock

Turbocharger rebuild

We are able to rebuild all type of turbocharger for truck and passenger car; actually we have the IVECO turbocharger every time ready on stock

Kits repare

we have on stock the kit repair for all turbocharger.....try to visit or on-lie catalog to check

Compressor Wheel

we are able to supply many and many type of compressor wheel used on car, truck and naval application....


We have available on stock more that 300 different model of backplate...

Shaft & Wheel

For the Shaft & Wheel we can give you a t 100% quality of the first equipment.

Bearing house

All our bearing house are 100% original compatible

TRB3000 Balance machine

The TRB3000 balance machine has been design to balance turbocharger rotors in all possible configurations: turbine wheel, compressor wheel and assembled rotor. It is compact machine whit build in measuring electronic and VM 25 control panel. The machine is extremely accurate, unbalance measure and correction on two planes.

HSTB3 Balance machine

The HSTB3 balance machine has been design to balance the complete core assembly. The machine is extremely accurate, unbalance measure and correction is made on the nuts. With the adaptor the machine can balance a wide range of core assembly for car and truck


TurboTest is a device, which is used to check and adjust variable geometry of turbochargers and to
measure their performance. The device has two operation modes: static mode, which allows adjusting
the variable geometry of the turbocharger at standstill, as well as dynamic mode, which simulates
operating conditions of turbocharger.

ZZ400 ATD-1

More than 400 cars can be tested (electronic and vacuum/electronic).
This instrument is able also to test and calibrate the electronic actuator by the correction value to allow the operator to perform a complete regeneration of the turbocharger. By it the operator can also check the turbo before move off the car....saving time. This instrument can be update by the new turbocharger.

ZZ401 APD-1

This device is designed for reprogramming Hella electronic actuator used by Garrett turbocharger. It can read, save, write and modify the memory of the actuator. You can also move the range of the actuator arm. It work by the follow actuator parts number 712120 , 730314 , 763797 and 781751

ZZ402 ATV-1

This instrument is able to test and calibrate all the vacuum/pressure actuator by the very accurate regulation. The range of this device is from -0.900bar to 8.00 bar by the 0.01 bar of minimum sensibility.

Actuators & Gasket Kit

We have the gasket for more than 3000 turbocharger and many actuator (included the electronic parts)...see or catalog

Equipment & Service

We can supply all equipment that you'll need for rebuild the turbocharger. We have also the Schenck adaptor...