ZZ400 Tester can check and set up more than 400 model of turbcharger

How hte turbo work

ITP supply more tha 8000 items for turbocharger repair shop

We are distributor for Cimat Flow Banch nad we use it for tested our turbocharger rebuild

The ITP stock house is able to supply all the Customer need on 1 day

We are distributor of Balance machine, top quality, made in Italy

ITP ... your partner on turbocharger market

Our company was started on by joining different working experiences in the field of mechanics of precision applied to the automotive field.

Its headquarter is in Italy but it has several local agencies on the Continents and in the Eastern European countries as well. These countries are going to be an interesting market for the global development.

This kind of structure is able to provide a wide range of spare parts according to the actual need of our Client. We cannot only provide a great deal of spare parts for turbocharger but also a wide range of spare parts of high quality which have been tested for different years in the field of the industrial regeneration of components for automotive field.



The globalization of the market has surely brought many benefits the consumers but often behind an apparent saving it conceals him very other.....
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From ITP he doesn't aim only on the sale of exchanges for I upset, but also on the services. Certainly, here he makes revision and he/she sells him every particular of the I Upset, however equipm
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ITP is a firm that it is born from the meeting of two people you unite from one strongly passion in the sector of the mechanics of the auto: Maurice Comolli and Joseph Taramino.......
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